New or Used Vehicles

Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
Range will lend100% NADA90% NADA85% NADA

New or Used Vehicles 1 to 3 Years Old

Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
60 Months3.50%4.50%6.50%
72 Months4.00%5.00%7.0%

Used Vehicles 4 to 5 Years Old

Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
48 Months4.50%5.50%6.50%
60 Months5.00%6.00%7.00%
72 Months5.50%6.50%7.50%

Vehicles Over 5 Years Old

Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
36 Months4.99%5.99%6.99%
48 Months5.49%6.49%7.49%
54 Months5.99%6.99%7.99%
60 Months6.49%7.49%8.49%

Unsecured Maximum 36 Months


CD or Share Secured: (Any term) 2% above highest rate being paid

Recreational Vehicles New and Used

Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
Any Term9.00%10.00%11.00%
Credit Score850-701700-651650-600
60 Months4.00%5.00%6.00%
72 Months4.50%5.50%6.50%
84 Months5.00%6.00%7.00%
96 Months5.50%6.50%7.50%
120 Months6.00%7.00%8.00%

It's Easy to Apply!

A credit score below 600 will add 1% to any rate above and need to be approved by the board of directors.

Telco repossessed vehicle being financed through Telco: Base rate of 2.9% and a term of up to 72 months on all model years.

No previous credit union: Contact us today to learn how we can help.